Pregnancy Journal: 25-29 weeks

AB Pregnancy Journal: 25-29 Weeks

This week in 3 words:    round, dreamy (as in lots of dreams :)), relaxed

Currently craving @ 25-26 weeks:   Starbucks salted caramel mocha (with whip!!), Green juice

Currently craving @ 27 weeks:   Savory Paninis...fav = tomato + mozz + pesto + spinach, Green juice

Currently craving @ 28-29 weeks:   Green juice (still!) I've been drinking one almost everyday for the last 4-5 weeks.  My favorite "recipe" is so simple:  1 c. coconut water + 2 giant handfulls of spinach + 1 c. frozen pinapple + 2 tbs. of Chia seeds.

Currently hating:  nothing particularly this week

Total weight gain:  21.6 pounds at the 3rd trimester mark --> the same exact amount gained at this point in my first pregnancy

Maternity clothes?  Yes! Watch my video to see my Pea in the Pod "skinny jeans" in action. 

Sleep:  surprisingly not that bad.... my bladder has not been waking me up, however, my odd dreams have been

Best moment:  My Mommymoon in Charleston!

Miss anything?:  wish I could have more caffeine during the day :/ 

Gender: it's a BOY!!! 

Symptoms:  extra emo at 28 weeks

Looking forward to:  the [infamous, exciting yet torturous] third trimester countdown

Wedding rings: on

Belly button in or out?: out

Stretch marks? if so they are small ones I can't really see

Pregnancy Exercise Log

I'm starting to feel more in shape now than I have in the last 25 weeks!  It helps that I've accepted the fact that I can't run nearly as much or as fast or as long as I did before this pregnancy... instead of feeling pathetic since I'm not in marathon-shape I've learned to celebrate 1 pregnant mile like it was 26 marathon miles.  

Three things that motivate me the most to workout:

1. keeping a log... If I go a week without working out it means that I have to leave a whole row of my workout log blank and I hate that!  

2. knowing I have to be in great shape to deliver a baby the way I want to delivery a baby (without meds and in less time, with less pain)

3. the sheer sight of my big ol belly wobbling/running around the neighborhood... seriously. I put on my workout clothes and then look in the mirror and think "I'm so badass"... EVEN THOUGH I'm only going for a 1 mile run at basically a snail's pace...which is basically like a 12 minute workout.  It doesn't matter-- 12 minutes or 2 hours, when you're pregnant, any workout is a great workout.

Pregnancy Vlog: 24 weeks | My uterus is the size of a soccer ball??!?!

AB Pregnancy Journal: 24 Weeks

This week in 3 words:   excited, energized, relaxed

Currently craving:  healthy foods and banana splits

Currently hating: nothing especially

Total weight gain: had a growth spurt this week...16lbs at beginning of week 24, 18lbs by the end of week 24

Maternity clothes? mostly living in yoga pants and baggy shirts/sweatshirts these days

Sleep: have been sleeping well!

Best moment: hitting that 6 month mark!

Miss anything?:  nothing too much this week

Anything making you queasy or sick? no

Gender: it's a....BOY!!! Still.

Symptoms: big appetite

Looking forward to:  third trimester... 4 more weeks

Wedding rings: on

Belly button in or out?: out

Stretch marks? no

Pregnancy Exercise Log

pregnancy workout log - 24 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Vlog: 23 weeks | the weird treehouse dream + are heartburn wives tales true?

AB Pregnancy Journal: 23 Weeks

This week in 3 words:  energized, heartburn, cozy (courtesy of the autumn-ish weather here in NJ)

Currently craving: warm, homey foods like soup, chili, lasagna...

Currently hating: nothing particularly this week 

Total weight gain: 16 lbs

Maternity clothes? oh yea.. but mostly stretchy pants and my husband's shirts

Sleep: pretty wonderful actually

Best moment: realizing that ridiculous dream about Drew and the treehouse was just a dream...

Miss anything?:  pumpkin beer

Anything making you queasy or sick?  not this week

Gender: Still most definitely a BOY!!!

Symptoms: heartburn, constant pain in my right rib from baby's foot or booty

Looking forward to:  cool, crisp, autumn weather

Wedding rings: still fit

Belly button in or out?: out

Stretch marks? not that I can tell or notice right now

Pregnancy Exercise Log

pregnancy exercise log - 23 weeks - fit pregnancy